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Regional Director

In a fast changing world, the ‘change’ changes everything or takes everything under it, leaving behind only the changed versions for the world to beckon in a way that it fancies the most. Since changes, not constancies have made the world, consistent changes for the best cause is the best option. Training is a bent of mind; not just to turn average to good, but the better to the best too. The process called training not just eradicates the tiny tides of lacunas in us but also builds up a better ‘we’ filled with confidence to meet the confrontations of life continually. Every tool needs sharpening. The sooner, the better it is.

It gives me immense pleasure to note with fruitful pride that Odisha Zone-II has conducted a number of workshops for the teachers of Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary emphasizing on Teacher Empowerment and Content Enrichment. Through this, upon the guidelines of DAV CAE, Odisha Zone-II has built in-house Master Trainers in various subjects to conduct the afore mentioned programmes, because we believe that talent built is better than talent borrowed or imported from external sources and forces that ultimately prove to be non suitors.

The endeavours of DAV CAE in this regard will be really empowered when blended with the personal passion of teachers for excellence through professional perfection. The needs of students and the world are not only changing but also growing. Let’s empower ourselves to accept the challenges. How can we glow unless and until we grow?

Regional Director

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