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About RTC Odisha Zone-II

The DAV Centre for Academic Excellence in 2014 started the Regional Training Centres across the country under the direct supervision of Regional Directors to build a stronger and sharper family of faculties under their respective jurisdictions. The purpose being clean and clear, aims at building better teachers through religious and rigorous trainings, workshops and counseling which would empower the teachers and thus ensure better, smarter ways of imparting effective education which in turn would create a stronger student community propelled by a passion for perfection. Thus the great journey has started and is as expected, producing many stories of superior strength and superlative success.


Academic Excellence in DAV Public Schools, Odisha Zone II.
In a fast changing world, the ‘change’ changes everything or takes everything under it, leaving behind only the changed versions for the world to beckon in a way that it fancies the most. Since changes, not constancies have made the world, consistent changes for the best cause is the best option. Training is a bent of mind; not just to turn average to good, but the better to the best too. The process called training not just eradicates the tiny tides of lacunas in us but also builds up a better ‘we’ filled with confidence to meet the confrontations of life continually. Every tool needs sharpening. The sooner, the better it is. Read More...


To regularly organize need-based training for the capacity-building of all Employees of DAV Public Schools, Odisha Zone II.


Collective Responsibility,Co operative Learning and Optimization of Resources through sharing.


  1. Organizing Training programmes on a regular basis throughout the region for updating and capacity building of all DAV Principals and Teachers as per CBSE's directives.
  2. Collaborating with DAVCAE for effective implementation of new schemes and projects launched by the Apex bodies CBSE NCERT, DAVCMC Head Quarters and DAVCAE etc.
  3. Updating and capacity building of all administrative and ministerial staff of the region.
  4. Carry out action-research in best educational practices as directed by DAVCAE for qualitative improvement of DAV Schools.

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Regional Training Centre (DAV Odisha Zone-II)

DR. A.N.Khosla DAV Public School, Ring Road Chowk
Basanti Nagar. Rourkela, Odisha- 769012
Ph. No - (0661)2420047 | Email: rdodisha2014[at]gmail[dot]com

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E-Mail: pradipkmoh[at]gmail[dot]com